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Your future lies hidden in what you do daily

I recently attended an online networking event, and we talked about our mottos. One woman shared, “my future lies hidden in what I do daily.”

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This phrase stopped me in my tracks. So simple yet so profound.

Years ago, when I was a consultant with a company that sold kitchen tools, my trainer told me that whatever I did right now would show up in my business in about 90 days. So if I started consistently making several contacts a day, I probably wouldn't see my calendar reflect that effort for about 90 days. And if I already had a calendar full of parties, if I stopped today, my calendar would show it in three months, give or take.

My coach wasn’t wrong.

And now I realize the same rule applies to solopreneurs and small businesses (including me).

Business doesn’t happen overnight; new clients don’t appear the day you hang your shingle (unless you’re fortunate).

So, let’s think about this for a minute. What are you doing today to move you toward your business goals? Are you connecting with potential clients and/or referral partners? Are you working on marketing? Are you providing the services to your existing clients?

If so, great! Keep doing what you’re doing (seriously…don’t stop now).

Keep going if you're working daily on actually growing your business

Look again, closely. How much time are you spending on the back office busy work? The social media posts, the tracking, the forms, the spreadsheets, and setting up SOPs and processes. The list is practically endless, and it leads to time management issues.

Don’t get me wrong. These activities are valuable and necessary to the successful functioning of your business. It just doesn’t need to be done by YOU.

You don't have to do all the things.
It doesn't have to be you

So there’s a term that I love so much: Your Genius Zone. Whatever that looks like for you and your business, THESE are things you should be doing daily to ensure your success.

Spend your time in your genius zone
We should be spending most of our time here ⬆️

And guess what? All those other things are in someone else’s genius zone, which means they can get it done better, faster, and more efficiently than you can. So why not let them?

If you’re ready to spend more time in your genius zone but don’t know where to start…that’s MY genius zone.

Make sure you’re in your genius zone because...

Your Future Lies Hidden in What You Do Daily.

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