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5 Signs to Tell that You're Ready To Hire a VA

Updated: May 13, 2023

In 2021 I retired from WW (formerly Weight Watchers) as a coach. I worked as a leader/coach for 8 years and absolutely loved it. It was so rewarding to watch the members "get it" and succeed at their health and weight loss journeys.

Often, though, usually at the beginning of the new year, we'd have new members join, looking for that magic bullet that would be just the thing that would work.

Some of them would find their stride and be off and running.

Others would come in and say they would "try" the program. In those instances, I could tell that they just weren't ready, and we would stop seeing them before too long.

But I also knew they'd be back when they were ready.

While I never could put my finger on a common denominator for what made a member "ready" to be successful, I do see commonalities for when a small business is ready to start outsourcing.

If, as a small business owner, you've been wondering when to know if it's time to start outsourcing your back office tasks either to a virtual assistant or an online business manager, here are some signs to look for:

  1. Your work days are longer and longer, but you're not bringing in new business.

  2. Your list of to-dos is primarily non-income-producing tasks.

  3. You find yourself jumping from one task to the next but never actually completing anything.

  4. Missing deadlines or finding that potential customers are falling through the cracks because you couldn't find the notes reminding you to follow up.

  5. You find yourself waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat remembering something you forgot to do.

Do any of these warning signs sound familiar? If so, it's probably time for a conversation with me. Together we can decide if it's time to get some support. Most VAs and OBMs worth their salt will not charge for an initial consultation.

If it's not time yet for you, that's okay. We'll be here when you're ready.

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