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How a Doodle Illustrates how I can Help Your Business

Updated: May 13, 2023

I had one of the BEST 1:1 calls yesterday. It was a Doodle Meet with Karen Light of HowDoodle.

While I come from an artistic family (daughter, mother, grandmother, father, uncle), I didn't get that specific gene. I can't paint or draw like my father, daughter, and uncle, and I can't sculpt like my mother and grandmother.

(I will admit that I'm creative in other ways, but I'll get to that in a minute.)

So, when I scheduled this meeting with Karen knowing there was going to be doodling involved, I was a little nervous but willing to stretch. It wasn't as scary as I thought.

I chose a random prompt, and she guided me through the doodling "process"; I don't think I could have been any more surprised or delighted with what came out of the end of my pen!

The prompt was: Doodle the bigger purpose behind your work.

And here's what I drew:

Doodle over watercolor
My Doodle over watercolor

The way I see it, building a business is very much like this doodle. Stay with me.

At the beginning of running a business, things go pretty smoothly. You're small, so you have the time and mental bandwidth to do everything you need to do.

Before you know it, though, growth happens. It's bound to happen because you're awesome at what you do! Suddenly, there don't seem to be enough hours in the day to do what you are best at AND take care of all the follow-up, marketing, correspondence…you fill in the blanks.

Business starts being less fun; the systems that used to work for you aren't working as well, but you just don't have time to find something better. You start falling into the Winnie The Pooh Syndrome, and you just keep bumping along, hoping the answer will come to you.

This is about the time my clients start working with me. We talk about what hurts, what's working, and most importantly, what's not working. We talk about what's keeping them from their genius zone. Because when you think about it, the genius zone is where the money gets made.

Once we've determined the things to work on, I start asking questions…MY genius zone! (Remember I said I was creative in other ways? This is it!)

I ask about possibilities. We look at what it could look like with different systems and processes. And sometimes, the first suggestion isn't the right answer but we are one step closer to the solution.

Before long, the possibilities turn into realities. Sometimes we implement it for you, sometimes, we work out the steps so you can do it yourself (more on that in another blog). Your business runs more smoothly while it grows.

Look at my doodle again…Do you see it now? Where are you on your journey?

Spiral Doodle over watercolor
Look you see it?

If you're ready to look at possibilities, let's strategize together.

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